Course "Health Economics" is prepared for the V (specialty "Stomatology") - VI (specialty ”Medicine) course students’ practical and theoretical knowledge standardization

For preparing of this course the official normative legal documents were used:
- standard program of Social Medicine, Health Care Organization (2015),
- curriculum of  specialists training in educational qualification level "Specialist" of a qualification “Graduated Physician” in Ukrainian institutions of higher education of III-IV accreditation levels (2015),
- educational and qualification characteristics and educational and professional programs for training of the specialists in the line of training ”Medicine” (2003).
This course towards with the structure of the discipline, curriculum and other teaching materials enables to self-motivated student learning and research activity.
This course is intended for independent classroom and extracurricular work of students of Ukrainian institutions of higher education of III-IV accreditation levels, who master the discipline in English.

Please, take textbook: "Moskalenko V et al. (2010). Health Economics: textbook. Vinnitsya : Nova Knyha." in the library:

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